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Episode 1

Who are we?

In the first episode of Diagnosis Glaucoma, Dr. Kaleem and Dr. Quigley introduce themselves and the mission of the podcast. 

Episode 2

Glaucoma eye exam basics

In this episode, we’ll review all the members of the eye health care team who you may come across during your visit and we’ll go over what to expect when you go in for a glaucoma evaluation. 

Episode 3

COVID and the eye

In this special episode, Dr. Kaleem and Dr. Quigley discuss all things glaucoma patients should know regarding coronavirus and the eye.


Episode 4

What is Glaucoma?

In this episode, we talk about signs, symptoms, risk factors, and causes of glaucoma.

Episode 5

Angles of the EYE

In this episode, we define the term “angle” as it relates to glaucoma, and explain how you can determine whether you have “open angle” or “closed angle” glaucoma.

Episode 6

Open Angle Glaucoma

In this episode,  we go over details of what it means to have open angle glaucoma.