Diagnosis Glaucoma is a podcast for people with glaucoma, or for anyone simply interested in learning more about the eye condition. The hosts, Dr. Mona Kaleem and Dr. Harry Quigley, are both experts in glaucoma who work together at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University, which is among the leading eye hospitals in the world. They created this educational resource for patients in order to explain the ins and outs of glaucoma in an easy to understand language that even those who do not have a medical background can comprehend. Together, they break down the answers to some commonly asked questions and also discuss the latest news in glaucoma that you should know about.

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What Every Patient Should Know:
A Guide from Dr. Harry Quigley and Dr. Mona Kaleem

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What is Glaucoma?” from our expert, Dr. Kaleem.

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Dr. Kaleem, Dr. Quigley